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Card Activation-

Double check your membership id on the card. The two biggest problems are people thinking the I is an 1 and a 0 is an O or vice versa, so if you have those two letters/numbers in your membership id, try to swap those. If you still have problems, please call us at 1-877-831-2780 or email us at info at If you send us an email, please put the card number that is 00X-XXXXX found on your card so we can help you quicker.

Where do I get my free clubs?

Look under National Deals. We have several manufacturers that want you to try their clubs. The price shown is for non - COHC Player Card Holders. Once you create your account and put your COHC Player Card Membership ID in, you will see the member price.

Why does it cost so much for shipping and handling for the clubs, shouldn’t shipping be about $15?

While we don’t control the cost of the shipping and handling of the clubs offered by Golf 4.25 and , the answer is that the shipping is around $15 depending on what part of the country you are in, plus if you add in the box, the person’s time to package your club, the companies overhead, i.e. rent, telephone etc, both the companies have calculated their cost of getting the club to you so that is how they price the shipping and handling.

So the club is not "free"?

The clubs are free, the shipping and handling is not.

Why do the manufacturers give away the clubs?

Their business model is assuming that if enough people try their clubs and like them, they might end up buying more from them. Like any other company that offers free samples, they hope you will like their product and buy more.