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We are a passionate team focussed on delivering exceptional results. Creative writers and Designers, Deal Strategists, Customer Service and Client Care. We have the best in the industry and they’re ready to help grow your business right now.

Golfer Statistics (source National Golf Federation, US Census)
Our core customer is comprised of golfers.  If you want to advertise to a group of people with high purchasing power, contact us.

Golfer Statistics Data
A golfer is defined as anyone having played an 18-hole round in the last 12-months
Total number of golfers in the US 29,000,000
Percent of the population who play golf 9.6 %
Percent of golfers who are male 77.5 %
Percent of golfers who are female 22.5 %
Percent who are married 68 %
Percent of golfer who attended or graduated college 67 %
Percent who are employed in a white collar occupation 50 %
Percent who use the internet on a regular basis 90 %
Age Breakdown  
Under 30 5 %
30-39 12 %
40-49 22 %
50-59 24 %
60-69 18 %
70+ 19 %
Household Income / Economics  
Average household income of a golfer $95,000
Percent of golfers who have a net worth over $100,000 79 %
Percent who own securities 83 %
Percent who have life insurance 86 %
Percent who own a credit or debit card 98 %
Percent who own a home 68 %
Golfer Purchasing Plans  
Percent who plan to purchase within 12 months
Golf equipment 53 %
Automobile 47 %
Financial Planning 40 %
Computer hardware 46 %
Furniture / Home furnishings 33 %
Office equipment 48 %
Vehicle Spending  
Spent $30,000+ on last vehicle 56 %
Spent $40,000+ on last vehicle 28 %
Percent who own or lease 3+ vehicles 32 %
Dining Out  
Percent who dine out once a week or more 73 %
Percent who spend $3,000 or more annually dining out 32 %

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