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Powershot Rules and Info

The PowerShot Contest

The Powershot Contest is a game of skill giving golfers a chance to win prizes for fun. For each entry fee, our sponsors give us various gifts to say thank you for playing with a chance to win some other prizes and gifts. Many of the prizes and gifts are used as promotional items for the sponsors. The gifts and prizes may vary depending on the sponsor(s) and course. If you would like to be a sponsor or advertiser, please contact us at

2015 Powershot winners. Beginning January 1, 2015, COHC, Inc. will match to a hole in one winners an amount equal to their winnings to a charity of their choice. The charity must be a U.S. Based charity and must have a (501)c status. 

Each entry fee into the Powershot Progressive raises the prize amount that can be won.


The Circle of Hope Challenge is a contest of skill open to golfers that meet the following requirements.

• Golfer must have a paid green fee at the course on the date of play that the Circle of Hope Challenge PowerShot is being held.
• The player must be an amateur golfer as defined by the USGA Rules of Amateur Status on the date of the event. Contestants that do not qualify as an Amateur pursuant to USGA Rules are Club Professionals unless they currently hold or have ever held a card issued by the PGA Tour or similar international governing body making them eligible to play on any professional tour worldwide, in which event they are a Tour Professional. Tour Professionals are to be forever designated a Tour Professional regardless if they are active or not.
• Golfer must have paid the appropriate entry fee BEFORE taking the shot and the entry fee must be registered in our database. A shot is a stroke as defined by the USGA. Only one shot per eligible contestant is permitted. No practice shots, mulligans or substituted shots for other contestants are permitted. A player can only enter the tournament one time per calendar day.
• The minimum distance measured from tee box to the hole flag is 160 yards for men and 140 yards for women and seniors over 65.
• The circle winner is a winner whose tee shot lands within 10’ of the flagstick measured from the flag. Hole in One Winners are golfers who hole their tee shot.
• Employees of participating club and their immediate family members are not eligible. Employees of COHC, Inc and their immediate family members are not eligible.
• Winning shots must be witnessed by the hole representative and one other person 18 years or older.
• In the event of two simultaneous hole in ones for the $20 entry fee, the Powershot prize or the value of the prize will be split evenly amongst winners. If there are two simultaneous hole in ones for the $10 or $15 entry, each player will be rewarded the current prize.
• This contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
• All winners are responsible for any local, state or federal taxes due.
• Winners must notify the hole representative within 30 minutes of the time stamped on entry fee receipt, otherwise, the shot is null and void.
• Circle Prize winners must claim their prize at the golf course by the end of the day the prize was won.
• A winner of a hole in one must notify COHC, Inc within 24 hours of winning via phone or fax.
• Winners suspected of fraud are subject to polygraph examinations and any other forensic examination to prove legitimacy of win.


Q. Is COHC, Inc affiliated with any specific charities.
A. No COHC, Inc is not affiliated with any specific charity.  As any good corporate citizen, we donate a portion of our net revenue to charities of our choice. We do help individual charities raise money for their causes.

Q. Is COHC, Inc a 501(c) non profit organization?
A. No, we are a for profit corporation.

Q. Can I hire COHC, Inc. to help out at our charity event?
A. Absolutely, we will be happy to run the Powershot Contest at your golf tournament. We will provide the staff and equipment to run the contest. In addition, we will also provide the prizes, other gifts that we may have from our sponsors and advertising partners and a chance for your players to win the Powershot Progessive Prize.

Q. What happens if one of our players makes a hole in one at our tournament?
A. The player will win the current Powershot Progressive and we will also donate an equal amount to your cause