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Rewards and Gift Certificates

We give you reward dollars for playing in the Circle of Hope Challenge. Reward points can be applied to some but not all of the deals on our website to get an even better price. Each deal has a maximum rewards dollars that you can use on that deal listed below the price.

Gift certificate dollars can be earned by winning one of our contests at the golf course you played at. Not all events have gift certificate dollars as a prize. Gift certificate dollars can be applied 100% to any of our deals.

For example, you played in a Circle of Hope Challenge event. Just for playing you get 100 rewards points.  If at that event, you win a $50 gift certificate to our website, you can then do the following.

If you buy a round of golf that is on sale for $75 and you it will allow for 20 rewards points, you could reduce the price to $65.

And if you bought another deal (example a shirt) that was priced at $65, you could use your gift certificate on that to get the price to $15.

Overall you would get the round of golf for $65 and the shirt for $15. That would save you $70 off of the total ($20 in rewards points and your $50 gift certificate)

Rewards points and gift certificates are not allowed to be applied to shipping charges.

When you first register your card, you get $50 in Reward Dollars

You earn even more:

   At the golf course

    When you play in the Circle of Hope Challenge  

  •    $10 Entry Fee - $50 in Rewards Dollars
  •    $20 Entry Fee - $100 in Reward Dollars

Refer a tournament to us

  •    $50 Reward Dollars

Rewards points are redeemable up to the maximum per deal.  Not all deals allow rewards dollars to be used.

Rewards dollars are non transferable. Rewards dollars are subject to our rules and terms of use.

Any fraud or misuse of the website and all rewards dollars will be voided.